And you will know the

truth, and the truth

will make you free.

John 8:32


About Us


God tells the truth. Since Jesus said the truth sets us free (John 8:32), then it must also be true that lies keep us in bondage. Here at Crossway, we believe our “problems” are often not the real problem at all. Rather, our greatest problems are results of lies we’ve learned to believe. Therefore, our relationships with our clients focus less on ethical issues of right and wrong and more on the lies we believe concerning God, ourselves and others. Our goal is to move our clients from solution focused thinking to focus on Jesus Christ and his life within as sufficient for every need. 

Since 1990, God has worked through Crossway Ministries to help countless numbers of people learn how God’s grace is sufficient in supplying practical and lasting solutions to many of the problems of life.  Some have termed our method of counseling as the "Exchanged Life." The message of the Exchanged Life is that as Christ was our substitute on the cross, now He’s our substitute for daily life (Romans 5:10). Jesus Christ gave His life for us, in order to give His life to us, so that He can live His life through us. As we trusted Christ for salvation, "much more" can we trust Him for every life situation. Find out more by viewing our Statement of Beliefs

Having counseled hundreds of hurting people, we’re convinced a Christian’s ability to enjoy God and life hinges upon walking in the truths of the New Covenant, a promise God made to all humanity (Jeremiah 31:31-34). Most of us know that Jesus died and was raised for the forgiveness of sins, but less people understand that “as Christ was raised from the we too might walk in newness of life” (Romans 6:4). Dear Christian, the New Covenant truth is that Christ has both cleansed you of your sins and filled you with His new life! The rest of the gospel, the part we sometimes neglect, is that we now have the daily option to cooperate with Christ’s life within and experience freedom from life’s many hang-ups. This is not only good news, it’s the best news going!

As we learn to recognize and draw from Christ's life in us, we experience God’s miraculous power in ways such as:

  • Being able to accept and love God, ourselves, and others without expectations or disappointments.
  • Gaining victory over sinful habits and destructive patterns of living.
  • Being content in our present jobs, homes, and relationships no matter how busy or difficult the circumstances may seem.

We’re excited to share how God, working through Jesus Christ, can transform your life forever! We can’t wait to walk alongside as you experience how God’s grace really does heal. Whether you’re a pastor, church, a couple, or an individual, Crossway can help. To find out how, view more about Counseling & Events


Meet Our Team

Richie Reese - Director

Richie Reese



Angel Reese

Ministry Assistant

Butch Morrison - Discipleship Counselor, Conference Speaker

Butch Morrison

Discipleship Counselor

Vivian Hayes - Discipleship & Marriage Counselor

Vivian Hayes

Discipleship Counselor


Joshua Talley

Discipleship Counselor


Nan Stephens


Emily Watts - Designer & Ministry Assistant

Emily Watts

Designer & Ministry Assistant




Crossway offers counseling based on sound Biblical truths and principles. Our approach reflects the forgiving and understanding heart of Christ while lovingly confronting deceptions in thoughts and behaviors with accuracy. Our warm and accepting office atmosphere will provide you the opportunity to experience God’s love in a secure and confidential environment. We offer 3 types of Biblical counseling services:


Christian Counseling for individuals

Individual Counseling

God has worked through the staff at Crossway to successfully meet a variety of adult needs including problems resulting from abuse, addiction, and depression. If you’re struggling with difficult relationships or any other variety of personal issues, Crossway can help. We provide a welcoming environment where you can be open and still feel safe. We specialize in biblical, discipleship counseling which equips you to navigate life's challenges and experience a more intimate walk with Jesus Christ. 

Marriage Counseling

Marital Counseling

We are available for pre-marital and marital counseling to help couples form a Biblical foundation concerning God’s plan for marriage with Christ as the centerpiece. In marriage counseling we trust God and His Word to reveal underlying issues needing healing and restoration, and we’ll help you see how God’s grace makes you and your spouse better together. All of the staff at Crossway have personally encountered marriage difficulties and have been in your shoes. The answer we’ve found is the same solution we’re excited to share with you - God’s grace heals!

Skype Counseling

Skype Counseling

If you live outside the Anderson area, we can still help! We offer individual and marriage counseling through Skype. All you’ll need is a computer or tablet device that supports live video and an email account where you can receive handouts.

To request Skype Biblical counseling, call 864-224-5557 or email us.


Biblical Counseling FAQ's

Who can receive counseling services?
Our counseling services are available for adults ages 21 and older. Child and adolescent needs are handled on a case by case basis. If possible, we will offer referrals to other offices who can help. Contact us for more information.

How do I begin counseling?
To begin the counseling process, contact us to set up an initial consultation. Call our office in Anderson, SC at 864-224-5557 email us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

What is the length of a counseling session?
Typical counseling sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length. We ask clients to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment in order to maximize the time. Double sessions may be scheduled in unique circumstances to accomodate particular needs (with client’s approval).

What is the cost of counseling?
Our counseling services start with an initial consultation at no charge. Subsequent individual and marital counseling sessions are offered on a sliding monetary scale based on income. Contact us for the details.

What if I have an emergency or need crisis care?
Crossway Ministries is not equipped for emergency crisis care. Our discipleship counseling process can take time, and people who need emergency care may not be able to wait. If you are in need of crisis care for any reason:

  • Emergency situations: Dial 911
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
  • Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453

What if I don’t live near Crossway’s office?
We can help no matter where you live! Crossway offers confidential, online biblical counseling for out-of-area clients who wish to engage with a discipleship counselor on a regular basis. Contact us to begin counseling through Skype.



More information coming soon ......

Exchanged Life Conference

We know the Bible can be overwhelming and even sometimes confusing. The Exchanged Life Seminar is a 2-day live event designed to help you know God better through His Word and to gain a greater understanding of your new identity in Christ. The Seminar presents a bird's eye view of God's purpose for creating you unique, and why He sent Jesus to earth to be your substitute. From beginning to end, this Seminar will reveal one major truth: Jesus Christ gave His life for you, so He could give His life to you, and then live His life through you!

Romans 5 - 8 "the heart of the gospel"

The book of Romans is a concise and comprehensive presentation of the good news concerning Jesus Christ, who is God in human form (Romans 1:1-3). In this letter the apostle Paul masterfully outlines God's overarching plan for redeeming the human race by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Romans 5-8 is a study designed to walk you verse by verse through the heart of the gospel. You'll discover what it means to be "right with God" and what true righteousness looks like in your daily life.




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