What is Truth? - Part 1


Over forty years ago, I began building a new dairy barn, and my brother-in-law was helping me with some critical phases. The roof was going to be metal, and he emphasized that we take a lot of time to ensure the first piece of metal was perfectly square. According to him, if we did not get that first piece of metal squared, the roof would eventually “run off” the building. I knew he was trustworthy and was telling me “the truth.” Therefore, taking him at his word, I very carefully checked that first piece two or three times before we fastened it down. I am sure he was smiling while I was not looking. After all, I was investing a lot of money in this building and could not afford for it not to be functional. And to this day the roof is still on the building, and it has obviously continued protecting the contents of that building for over 40 years.

This same principle of getting something right at the very beginning cannot be emphasized enough with any one of us when it comes to knowing the TRUTH about God. Some of us have allowed people such as parents, teachers, preachers, friends, or even a husband or wife to be our only influence about TRUTH concerning God. And some or even most of this influence could be solid and line up with what God says about Himself. However, wouldn’t it be better for us to open His Word, the Bible, and allow Him to either confirm what we have been taught, or reveal the errors? In my experience as a believer, I have found that without allowing God to reveal who He is, we can, and most likely will allow our “spiritual roof” to run off our “building.” The result is our ending up in a very confused spiritual state of mind.

A great biblical example of this confusion is found in John 18:19-38. The title for this series is a quote that comes from this passage. As we read this we find that Pilate was caught between what the Jews had told him about Jesus, and what Jesus had told him about Himself. Pilate’s situation was like a road sign marked with both TRUTH and LIES on the same post yet pointing in two different directions. Which way should he go? Ultimately his decision will determine the fate of Jesus. Which one was lying, and which one was telling him the truth?

Do you find yourself sometimes at this place? Maybe there was a time in your past you trusted in someone to tell you the truth about Jesus, and you made a decision based solely on that information. How do you know it’s the truth? Maybe you’re still uncertain.  However, the only way we can be sure we’ve received the truth about Jesus is to let Him tell us Himself. So, WHAT IS TRUTH?, Pilate asked Jesus. We at Crossway believe that whatever God says is truth (John 17:17). We should, therefore, pay very close attention to what He says about Himself, us, and others around us.

Like I trusted my brother-in-law, who had years of experience and expertise with the truth about putting on metal roofs, I can and should always trust God. He has no reason to lie about Himself, about me, or others around me. These truths can greatly influence my everyday life and for sure my eternity.

Stay with me, and together we will let God reveal Himself to us so we can answer without reservation if someone were to ask us, WHAT IS TRUTH? Everything God says is truth!!!