Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing God's voice

You probably recognize this popular question from a few years back. The main point of this ad was to promote the idea this company had coverage everywhere. And all things considered, people with their provision of cell service people should be able to hear each other without a problem.


Throughout my years as a believer I have come to understand, it is not a question of whether or not God speaks to me, it is me hearing Him above all of the ‘noise’, i.e. interference, and most of the time it is usually tied to my ‘location’.  Where I am in a situation, what is going on with the family and friends around me, etc. I don’t want this next statement to come across as an excuse, but, this hearing problem is not unique to me or our generation.

Looking back to the garden of Eden we find that Adam and Eve had a hearing problem. They were in a perfect location so there is no excuse there, and God did not ‘stutter’ when he told them about the two trees and the consequences that were tied to each one.  However, we know how that turned out for them and for us all.  Yes, their failure to ‘hear Him’ resulted in ‘death’. Fast forward a few centuries and we see the trend continue. God has a chosen nation now and He is still speaking to them about their present and their future. He made it plain and clear to them that His plan included not only bringing them out of Egypt where they were living and working as slaves, but to bring them in to a land He had promised Abraham centuries earlier. However, just as Adam and Eve could not hear Him then, Israel as a nation, ‘could not hear Him now’. 

Another trend continues that started with the first couple in the garden, consequences followed. These 600,000 people spent the next 40 years of their life in a barren dessert going in circles. Why is it so hard to hear Him? Their failure to hear Him was a direct result of fear. They had sent out a scout party to survey the area where God was wanting to take them. Ten of these surveyors came back with fear in their hearts and it did not make any difference what God said they refused to listen. Two of the men who scouted out the land came back full of faith and in so many words were saying we can hear Him now, and He says it is a go. But that part of the story ends with fear over ruling faith. Because of their fear they could not ‘Hear him now!’ He did have one more thing to say after this display of fear. He told them that they would spend the next 40 years of their life in this barren place. And from the reaction of the people to His voice that time I want to say, “can you hear Him now?”


I would not dare attempt to answer this question for any of you, but for myself I confess there are many times in my life as a believer I refused to hear Him. And while ‘location’ i.e. fear plays a big part, I believe ‘noise’ plays even a bigger part. Noise can drown out His voice. I don’t believe God shouts at us, in fact one of his prophets was wanting to hear Him speak. There were several options, but the one where he heard God’s voice was a still small voice. While there might not be a physical noise going on around me, like a loud dishwasher, or children screaming, but how about the ‘noise’ of rejection, illness, fear or even a great disappointment. These conflicts can be ‘blowing’ so hard in my ‘window of life’ I cannot ‘hear Him now.’ Is changing ‘locations’, or another provider going to quite the noise? No, in this world we will have tribulation, noise, that is a fact. What is the solution to the noise that drowns out His voice?


As the ad indicates if you have a cell phone and have the right provider you should be able to ‘hear me now’. Let’s see if that will work for us on a spiritual level. Did you know that God has given us three basic needs? You and I have the need to be loved and accepted, that is really two sides of the same coin so to speak, the need of worth, and the need of competence. These are God given needs so therefore no one can PROVIDE these needs for us fully except Him. However, many don’t know Him as the provider of these needs, so they are looking for a human being, a job, or their performance to get them met. When these come up short, and they always will, it puts them in a tailspin of rejection, disappointment and even fear. Here is a brutal reality. I have found that a person will do whatever it takes to get these needs met even if it kills them. With such a bleak future for us why don’t we take just a moment and see if He can really be our new PROVIDER.

Peter only wrote two letters that were published. The second letter has a promise to us about Jesus’s provisions. 2Peter 1:3a; For His divine power has BESTOWED, (provided) to us ALL THINGS THAT (are requisite and suited) for life and godliness…..All things? Yes, love/acceptance, worth, and competence, and he has GIVEN us these things.  They do not have to be earned by our performance, how we look or even our status in life, He is our complete provider of these necessary things for life.  Let us listen to just a few of the things He has said to us to confirm this statement Peter has made.

John 3:16-18 (MSG)  "This is how much God loved the world (you and me): He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. Does He love me?  Check that off the list, what about accepting me just like I am?

Ephesians 1:6 (KJV)  "To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved." Accepted?  Check that off. What about worth, where did He validate my worth?  At the Cross.  Paul writes that while we were yet sinners (worthless in our own eyes) Christ died for us. You know how to determine the worth of anything?  Find out what someone is willing to pay for it. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us, that is what we are worth. So does He provide worth for me?  Check that one off. And finally what about my competence need?  Not only do I need to know I am worth something I need to know I can do something. The first man Adam was told by God, name the animals.  And it written that whatever Adam called them that was good enough for God.  Yes this provider, God has provided everything we need for life and godliness.  CAN YOU HEAR HIM NOW?

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