Will The Real You Please Stand Up?

man holding a mask

Is that a scary question or what?! Who is the real you? Is it the one that looks back at you from the mirror first thing in the morning, wondering what the day will bring your way, and how long you will be able to go before that first drink? Is it you all dressed up professional for work at your day job hoping no one will ever find out about your night? Is it you trying to find a decent outfit to wear for a job interview on a few dollars, as you stuff a pair of shoes in your purse and pray you don’t get caught? Is it you sneaking out to buy illegal drugs to help you make it through the night or day because life is too hard? Is it you meeting up with the new love of your life that is married to someone else? Is it you looking like the “good Christian” sitting in church and telling everyone you are “Fine! How are you?” when you are far from “fine”, and think they would run you out of the church if they knew the real you? Is it you dealing with your children as a single parent trying to work, spend time with the kids, and stretch that dollar further than it was ever meant to go, and you just want to run away?  Is it you, a teenager, trying to fit in at your new school in a town you never wanted to move to in the first place and you are angry at your parents and at God? Is it you, the one believing the lies Satan is telling you about who you are?

We all have several versions of ourselves. Some we don’t mind others knowing about and some we would be mortified if anyone else knew. And if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, the “real you” is a word that we don’t hear a lot and many believers have never been told that this is their true identity: “SAINT”!  We hear that we are a “sinner saved by grace” but the real truth, according to scripture (the Bible), is that we were once a sinner and by God’s grace we were saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; therefore, now we are SAINTS!

I remember when I first heard this truth; I thought it was heresy! I wasn’t perfect!  Only Jesus was perfect! Well, here is the rest of the story: It is because of the finished work of Jesus Christ that I am a SAINT! I may not always talk or act saintly, but who I am is not based on my performance; it is based on Whose I am.  I am a SAINT who can still sin, but that sin cannot take away my true identity.  My position in Jesus Christ always overrides my condition! And this, too, is by the grace of God! The devil certainly doesn’t want us to believe this.  Sadly, there are churches that don’t want us to believe this.  Also, there may be some people that want to use lies they believe to keep us captive, too.

We read in 2 Corinthians that Paul opens his letter greeting all the Saints (the people of God). There were some people that were part of the church in Corinth that were involved in some unsaintly deeds. But Paul doesn’t say that this person is no longer a SAINT. And he doesn’t “Run that sinner out of the church”. He encourages the church to forgive, comfort, encourage, and assure him of their love for him. (2 Corinthians 4:3-11)

As a believer you were born again. The old you is dead. The habits and patterns (flesh) you have used to make life work have been rendered powerless.  They can’t make life work any way.  As a believer/SAINT, you are in Jesus Christ and He is in you.  Plus He knows all about you and all the different versions of you! Still He calls you a SAINT! He is your real source for life.  You don’t have to depend on yourself anymore.  But, you have to make the choice to allow Him to live through you.  It sounds like a “big mystery”, doesn’t it?

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