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Exchanged Life Conference

We know the Bible can be overwhelming and even sometimes confusing. The Exchanged Life Seminar is a 2-day live event designed to help you know God better through His Word and to gain a greater understanding of your new identity in Christ. The Seminar presents a bird's eye view of God's purpose for creating you unique, and why He sent Jesus to earth to be your substitute. From beginning to end, this Seminar will reveal one major truth: Jesus Christ gave His life for you, so He could give His life to you, and then live His life through you!

Romans 5 - 8 "the heart of the gospel"

The book of Romans is a concise and comprehensive presentation of the good news concerning Jesus Christ, who is God in human form (Romans 1:1-3). In this letter the apostle Paul masterfully outlines God's overarching plan for redeeming the human race by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Romans 5-8 is a study designed to walk you verse by verse through the heart of the gospel. You'll discover what it means to be "right with God" and what true righteousness looks like in your daily life.